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If you can dream it. You can build it!

Welcome to The Blog of SpeedWerkes BMW Racing Simulator Build!


This blog entails on a journey taken during the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic, at a time where most of the world was locked down in isolation looking to stay creative and productive while being forced to stay inside their homes. I took this time to do something I've never really done before, but with much research and time invested in what I was about to venture into & build, this was just the beginning.

We started started with a vision, and the design process began. With the bare bones and chassis / frame of the simulator, with a carbon steel frame cockpit designed and fabricated by Playseat® -- will act as a solid platform to base 99% if not ALL of our components.

Normally the chassis/frame of the simulator is based on a motion platform to begin with -- but in this situation, our build plan is slightly different. Being that Playseat® hardware is very interchangeable,  and fully compatible -- we will be setting our structure on DOFReality Motion Platform  which is capable of 10 degree's of pitch!

The motion platform will immerse you in a real racing experience, delivering 10 Degrees of Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Surge, Sway & Heave!


Next we sourced a used BMW E46 Dashboard with Cluster in practically mint shape, and carefully trimmed, cut and fabricated our gauges where we’d like them to be fitted.

Before any components can be attached or mounted to the chassis/frame of the simulator,
our gauges & other components must be prepared to the dashboard.


An iPad is used as an LCD monitor is mounted above the windshield monitor and is powered by SimHub V7.0.4. – which once completely connected, will feed in-game data to the monitor ie. Lap Times, Qualifying Times, Shift Lights, track diagrams, & more.

Also connected and wired to SimHub V7.0.4. is a Derek Speare Designs Button Box, which will act as Ignition Starter, Wipers, Headlights, Hazard Lights, Pit Limiter, & More!

Next is getting the actual car instruments & gauges fully functioning and working with the Racing Simulator Game's. This is done and powered by a Pro-Gauge Controller and Relay Circuit Board which can be purchased provided by Sym Projects. The Pro-Gauge Controller and Relay Circuit Board will interface your computer with your instruments & gauges, which support: RPM’s/Rev’s, Speedometer, Fuel Level, Water Temp, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure,  Turbo/Boost Pressure, & More!

Following a basic tutorial on will instruct how this is done.

We not only used an Arduino UNO or Pro-Gauge Controller for this. We used MULTIPLE Arduino Uno Boards with custom coding + software on each instrument or piece of hardware installed - to power and control, feed live data from the sim to the instruments or hardware.

We have Rumble Motors controlled by an Arduino Uno and Custom Sketch Coding installed on the Pedals for Wheel Slip, Gear Change, RPM's & More!

We have a 120mm 4000RPM/160CFM 12V DC Brush Fan's enclosed in custom cases also controlled by an Arduino Uno and Custom Sketch Coding which acts as a wind simulator & also is fed live data from the sim.
This wind simulator works depending speed, and many other factors.

We have a custom 3D printed Shift Gauge with an LED Board that is also  controlled by an Arduino Uno and Custom Sketch Coding.


Now – we can start to mount some of our hardware to the Frame/Chassis!

We’ll start with the easiest which will be the Hydraulic Handrake & Gear Shifter, which easily attached with 2 bolts to the Side-Frame. Our next step is attaching/mounting the Dashboard to the Wheel Mount of the Frame, along with the Steering Wheel.

The last piece's of hardware to be installed is the Tactile Transducers (also known as bass shakers!)
These feed and drive input from the racing sim like  vibration from the road, wheel/tire slippage, 

gear changes, clutch grinding, rpm's, engine vibration, abs, and more!

These tactile Transducers we'll be using will bring a VERY IMMERSIVE feel to the Racing Sim!  We'll be using a dedicated sound card,  a dedicated amplifier, and 3 Tactile Transducers. One under the seat, under behind the seat, and one under the pedals.

Once all the hardware is properly attached and mounted as suitable, the hardware cables will all be connected.

After all of the hardware is installed & fabricated, we now have our software to deal with.

This portion all depends on  suitable wants & needs, ie. Screen Template’s, etc.
We will be going with a BMW theme of course!

Once this is done – WE'RE LIVE & CONNECTED.


E46 Dashboard + Cluster
Racing Seat + Base by Next Level Racing
Derek Speare Designs Button Box
ClubSport Fanatec Handbrake V1.5
Thrustmaster T80 Steering Wheel 
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Conversion
Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals
Thrustmaster T.RJ12 USB Adapter  
Logitech G Driving Force™ Shifter
Leo Bodnar Logitech Shifter USB Adapter
Pro-Gauge Controller, Signal Adapter & Relay Module by Sym Projects
Arduino Uno Micro Controller + 12V Motorshield
6V High Torque 5000RPM Motor Rumblers
120mm 4000RPM/160CFM 12V DC Brush Fan's with Custom Enclosed Cases
Virtual To Real (V2R) Firmware by EKSIMRACING
SimHub V7.0.4 Displays Real-Time Game Data
Dayton Audio Tactile Transducers
DOF Reality Motion Platform 

Links with Software & Hardware:

This is a Current In-Progress Build. Follow Below!

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