Today marks the start of a new venture & journey. Our update today is Good & Bad News.

We'll start with the Bad News.

SpeedWerkes is most likely going to close and/or become a subdivision company of what is to come...

However, the good news. we're starting a NEW company which is MORE profitable and exciting!
 ie. Building, Selling & Renting Custom, Hand-Built & Hand-Crafted Racing Simulator Cockpits equipped with Full-Spec Simulator Hardware you'd expect to see in one that an ACTUAL race car driver would train in.


Equipped with a Full Motion Platform, Choice of Your Material Color Seat & Style, Choice of Steering Wheel & Pedals, Choice of Custom Dashboard & Cluster, Adjustable Metal Pedal Brackets & Seat Frame, Equipped with 4 Ohm ButtKicker Transducers, Dedicated Amp & 5.1 Surround Sound, Ignition Button & Toggle Box with Key, Compatible with 99% of the Simulator Equipment on the Market! 100% Software Integrated & Ready-to-Go with Your Racing Sims!


Simulator racing solutions for a new generation of customers who demand more realism, more technology and a greater level of immersion, the customer of today demands the very best and demands an experience that can't be had on a video-game console,

with a Hoss Racing Simulators this is made possible!


Now picture this...


You're in your living room, or your garage, your man cave -- wherever it is you want to be. You’ve got the itch for some racing, and you happen have yourself a Hoss Racing Simulator just for that. You're sitting in an Alcantara material wrapped Recaro Racing Seat – (or whatever you choose!) in the Cockpit of an E46 BMW – (again, or whatever you like!) looking at a fully functioning Dashboard, Cluster & Widescreen Curved Monitor as a Windshield. (Also customizable to Client Spec!)


You turn the key on the Ignition Box and hit the Toggle Switch and it comes alive! Now, you feel the Wind Simulator kicking in as you pick-up speed. Your chair is moving, and you're holding on to your steering wheel with 25 Nm of Torque, enough to give you the deepest immersion with any track, car and condition you might throw at it. You’re feeling every last bump in the road and gear shift you make thru the transducers and motion platform. It’s a thrilling experience – that you might just easily forget you’re in a simulation. You've just brought yourself into the Virtual Reality of Sim Racing!




Whether you're an avid racing enthusiast, a driver looking to hone your skills, or a casual gamer looking for an immersive experience, we have a solution for you.


Hoss Racing Simulators – Home, Enthusiast, Professional, Training & Commercial Entertainment!™

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